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Our Story

Who is Blue Winged Beauty?


Welcome to my little dream coming true. My name is Ashleigh, and I am the face behind Blue Winged Beauty. This project of mine started in October 2019 after losing our first baby. Art and creative projects have always been an outlet for me during stressful, sad, scary and joyful occasions! That is exactly how this all came about. I've always been an avid bather, I mean I LOVE everything baths. SO during this stressful and sad time in my life I decided to start experimenting with making bath products.. Turned out to be exactly the outlet I needed and was not only fun, but I had a natural talent for it! And so Blue Winged Beauty was born! 

We promise to continue to bring you beautiful, decadent bath products at non luxury prices. Everyone deserves a tub time treasure whether they're going thru a hard time, or getting ready for a night out on the town! We do not promise to always bring back the same products.. This is a creative environment where creative juices flow. So check back often to see what creations come up next!

Thank you for joining us at Blue Winged beauty, and for supporting our small business on Vancouver Island! Please share all your bath art with our instagram account @bluewingedbeauty and tell us what you think!



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